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Step into the realm of ultimate coziness with our  Winter Wonderland Extravaganza Crate  - a magical compilation that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Unveiling in a grand pine wood crate, this curated collection is a celebration of joy and indulgence. Dive into the enchantment with:


1. Diptyque Baies Scented Candle: Light up your space with the delightful aroma of blooming roses and blackcurrant foliage. Crafted by the iconic luxury perfumer diptyque, this scented candle is a fragrant masterpiece that adds a touch of sophistication.


2. Sugarfina Coffee Run 3-Piece Bento Box: For the coffee enthusiast in your life, savor a trio of coffee-infused treats. Cappuccino Cordials, Dark Roast Espresso Beans, and Cold Brew Cordials dance together in a navy-and-gold gift box, promising a delightful journey of flavors.


3. UGG® Brook Plaid Throw: Embrace the cozy vibes with a classic plaid throw from UGG®. Whether snuggled by the fire or curled up on the couch, this plush companion brings warmth and comfort, embodying the laid-back luxury that UGG® is known for.


4. Sweater Mug: Elevate your sipping experience with a charming white mug wrapped in a cute grey sweater. This unique piece, inspired by a cozy winter sweater, adds a dash of personality to your favorite drinks.


5. Tea Comforts Winter Collection: Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of winter with our carefully chosen tea collection. Four distinct flavors—lemon mint, winter earl grey, apple spiced chai, and pumpkin spiced chai—bring a symphony of tastes in eco-friendly, bio-degradable tea bags.


6. Seattle Chocolate Champagne Truffles: Get ready for a bite of celebration with our Champagne Truffles featuring natural popping candy. It's a sweet way to add a touch of bubbly joy to your festive moments.


Embark on a journey of joy and laughter with the Winter Wonderland Extravaganza Crate—a gift that transforms ordinary days into extraordinary celebrations. Elevate your holiday gifting with this whimsical experience. Order now and let the winter magic begin! 

Winter Wonderland

  • Processing Time: Our elves need 3-5 days to curate the magic in each order. For orders of 5 or more, customizations, or branding options, reach out to us at Cheers to spreading joy!

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