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Back by popular demand: The 2022 Thick and Sprucy design!

Hey Tree Lovers and Yuletide Enthusiasts, get ready to rock around the Christmas tree in style! Our festive sweatshirt is a playful twist on a classic tune, celebrating the heart of holiday decor: the Christmas tree! 

🎄 Festive Foliage Fashion: For those who believe the tree is the star of the show, this sweatshirt is a nod to your love for lush, full-bodied evergreens. It's like wearing a holiday hug!

🎄 Comfort for the Holidays: Crafted from the softest fabric, this sweatshirt is as cozy as curling up by a crackling fire with a cup of cocoa. It's like a warm embrace from your favorite Christmas tree farm!

🎄 A Sprig of Humor: Get ready to be the life of the holiday party with a shirt that adds a dash of fun to the festivities. It's a conversation starter that celebrates the quirks and joys of the season.

So, whether you're a tree-trimming pro, a tinsel enthusiast, or just someone who knows how to make the holidays a little extra special, this sweatshirt is your go-to for spreading cheer and chuckles.

Wrap yourself in holiday spirit, wrap yourself in style. Order yours now and let the festivities begin! 🎁🌲

Looking for a different style or color? No problem, just send us an email at 

I Like Them Real Thick and Sprucy

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