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One retirement gift basket to be delivered Wednesday, January 17. 


  • Alcohol or no alcohol? If yes, do you know his drink of choice? -Bourbon - Angel’s Envy or 


  • Do you have a theme in mind? Not needed, I just want to meet any expectations you may have. -Retirement theme, maybe?! Haha I trust you. 


  • Has he mentioned any plans after retirement? Traveling, renovations, gardening, spending more time with family, etc. -they’re planning on traveling to the South Pacific and Hawaii


  • Any hobbies worth mentioning? -Salmon Fishing & archery shooting


  • Favorite sports team(s)? -Oregon State Beavers


  • Favorite snacks/candy/food? 


  • Anything else you'd like me to know? - A couple of quotes he has said: “That boy’s as sharp as a bowling ball.” “That boy’s about as organized as a plate of spaghetti.”


  • Budget? Reminder my fee is $50.00 on top of that. $250


  • Would you like to include a complimentary card? If so, I need the message you'd like me to include. “Congratulations on your retirement, Craig! You made a huge impact in our department. Enjoy your time & live it up! We’ll miss you!” -1SB Consumer Lending Team


Let me know if you have any questions. I'm excited to get started :) 

Custom Order for LM

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